Today I Learned

A colleague of mine highlighted something today that I didn’t know about, so thought I’d share it here too:

To view Followed documents or folders in SharePoint Online, you need a OneDrive for Business license.

ODFB Following

It struck me that this was slightly odd, as the ‘documents I’m following’ view is a piece of functionality that’s been in SharePoint since the days when the OneDrive area was called My Site, and it is what I’d call SharePoint functionality, not OneDrive-specific. But still, such is the life of a SharePoint professional: the sands are ever shifting. Worth keeping in mind if you’re leveraging any of the ‘follow’ functionality in other areas of SharePoint, e.g. displaying a feed of the user’s followed documents on an intranet homepage.

You get OneDrive for Business licenses on both E1 and E3 plans.