I am a freelance Architect, currently working as the Global Lead Solutions Architect at Arup, a multinational engineering and built environment consultancy employing over 16000 staff. I’ve worked across a range of industries with clients of all shapes and sizes, and have been the lead architect on some of the world’s largest and most complex Digital Workplace programmes, including Royal Bank of Scotland’s ‘Single Intranet Platform’ and Arup’s ‘Digital Workspace’. My professional focus is around architectural assurance, strategy, delivery, and management of end-to-end large-scale digital transformation programmes.

My technology expertise centres around the Microsoft stack, particularly Office 365 and SharePoint, with which I have worked for almost a decade and hold numerous qualifications and awards.

I live near Chelmsford, Essex with my wife, kids, and sausage dog. In my spare time, I enjoy falling off my motorbike, squeezing myself into my highly impractical car, failing to keep fit, reading books one page at a time while my children interrupt me, and playing computer games very badly.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nathan:
    Good afternoon. Did you complete the other sections to the Operating Model blog? The first three sections you published had a lot of great information.


    • Hi, thanks for reading! No I never published the other sections – work/life have been getting in the way for the last year or so. I’m actually going to revise it though since I’ve come up with a newer, more concise way of defining an operating model that really boils it down to the more crucial elements. I’ll do a post about that in the not-to-distant future hopefully.


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